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Server Data Recovery

In our electronic age, servers are the backbone of any business. Even a single minute downtime can result in the loss of huge amounts of data.

For a simple server, as well as complex RAID servers / NAS and SAN storage systems, multiple disk errors, RAID controller failures, file system corruption, etc. are among the most common causes of data loss. With more than 20 years of experience in server data recovery, in-house research & development, and enterprise server rescue technology, Stellar Data Recovery provides one of the best and safest server data recovery services for file servers, web servers, application servers, domain controllers, Stellar Data Recovery relies on security in data protection. Please read our privacy policy!

Properties of servers :

(Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 2, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 5e, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 50) can be used as a high-end server A complex architecture – more functions simply mean more complexity. A simple IDE / ATA RAID array usually requires little management, but for larger arrays with multiple RAID levels and many virtual drives, this management becomes extremely complex. All RAID systems, whether hardware or software, have an administration program that configures, configures, controls, and manages the arrays. The number of disks in the array and the distribution of the data on them determine the RAID level, the configuration, the capacity of the array,

Possible causes of data loss on servers:

  • RAID controller error
  • Loss of the registry configuration of the server
  • Fault in the hard disk, which leads to a damage of the configuration
  • Multiple hard disk errors
  • Inadvertently reconfiguring RAID disks
  • Damage to the system files or the file system
  • Accidental deletion during backup creation
  • External influences such as flood, fire and earthquake

Because most RAID configurations share data across different hard drives, the data recovery from a RAID can be a complex matter. For systems with RAID level 5 or higher, it is possible to lose a disk in the array and still recover all information without great effort. But if there are several errors at the same time, eg because of an overvoltage, a RAID controller fault or a mechanical error – then it could be that a heavy data loss occurs. Data recovery is correspondingly difficult in such cases.

Stellar has the expertise to provide you with the best server data recovery services in the industry.

Stellar has developed innovative server rescue techniques to deal with almost all cases of data loss caused by physical or logical corruption of the server. Our expert team for server data recovery has years of experience in recovering data from various types of faulty servers, such as Windows servers, Linux servers, Unix servers, Exchange servers, SharePoint servers, and more.

Stellar implements a scientific method of server data recovery to ensure maximum recovery while strictly enforcing the confidentiality of the data.

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