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Turn Cloud Storage Into Real-Time Collaboration Platform Using Global File System

Posted on Sep, 22, 2017

The term ‘cloud storage’ often comes to our mind, when we talk about enterprise-level storage solution. Cloud storage is a type of data storage system, which involves many servers and locations across which the data are stored. This makes the data easily available and accessible at anytime and from any location. There are many services like the cloud computing service, API, cloud storage gateway, etc. that can be used to access the cloud storage services.

However, with the advancement in technologies, the cloud storage has much more to offer rather than just being a repository of bits. Now, you can transform the cloud storage into real-time collaborative platform using the global file system. With this, the Cloud facilitates global collaboration by connecting various storage controllers at the edge of the business networks. As a result, it allows easy collaboration among teams working on sensitive projects by making all distributed systems appear as one.

There are many vendors who claim to provide the Global file system at an enterprise level lack the global locking feature. The file locking feature is a very important feature in case of a shared storage, as it avoids multiple users to modify the same file. There are chances of the file getting corrupt without any locking feature, because of the file access from multiple locations. Earlier, the file sharing and protection options were not present with the cloud tools and just allowed a single user to write or modify the data. Because of such safety concerns, the cloud-based global file systems give more importance to the file locking technology.

Some of the important features of a Global File System are mentioned below.

  • Uses A Single Consistent Shared File System To Connect Every User Around The World.
  • A Single Consistent File System Consists Of Various Globally Distributed Storage Controllers Connected Tightly Along With The File Storage.
  • Offers Real-Time Collaboration With The Projects By Sharing Files Among The Users In Multiple Sites.
  • A User Can Get Access To The Shared Cloud Storage With To The Local LAN-Speed.
  • A User Accessing A File From A Controller Would Not Collide With Another User Accessing The Same File From A Different Controller.
  • The Controllers That Are A Part Of The Global File System Share The File Accessing And File Locking Permissions Among them.
  • Collaboration Is Possible Among Various Users In Real Time Through The File Locking And File Permissions.
  • Provides A Perfect Enterprise Solution By Combining A Global File System With The Real-Time Global File Locking System.
  • With The Global File Systems, Implementation Of File Locking Over The WAN Is Also Required.
  • Cloud Storage Can Be Used As A Powerful Tool For Effective Collaboration Among The Users All Across The World, Irrespective Of Their Location.
  • It Makes The Business To Become More And More Distributed Across Different Locations.
  • It Makes The Users Feel Like They Are In The Same Office Irrespective Of Their Locations.
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