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Seagate Launches Kinetic Open Storage Platform For Data Integration

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

Organizations might get bored of the obsolete storage network, but I must say they can continue with their current network because the era does not sound quite unstable. In other words, the time to jump to a new storage network has not come yet. On the other hand, crucial components of the network like storage technology, cloud, and brand new storage architecture are in collaboration, giving rise to the end of storage area networks (abbreviated as SANs). This also gives rise to a new approach, enforcing the hard drives turning into servers and transporting data across the network to all the applications having open application interface, which is termed the Kinetic Open Storage Platform.

Platform Components

Delving deeper introduces another fact that the Kinetic Platform is nothing but a collaboration of Open Programming Interface and Intelligence, where the storage device has a network interface installed in it. At the broad level, the cloud giants i.e. Facebook and Google have already implemented the architecture that Seagate is implementing. However, the storage media manufacturer is trying to implement the same technology in a product/service, while the key-value approach implemented by Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform is still the same as that of the distributed file system of Google.

Reduced Overhead

The Kinetic Storage Platform proposed by Seagate symbolizes a huge opportunity to unveil the overall inabilities of the conventional data centers with inherited architectures that were not well equipped to deal with highly dispersed and overweighed workloads of both applications and unstructured data. In addition, the platform eliminates the overall overhead (extra cost and efforts) that a traditional SAN requires, such as additional network bandwidth is consumed for read/write operations.

Talking about those who are already using this platform introduces the name Amazon that follows the same approach for Simple Storage Service, which on the other hand, is similar to that of NoSQL and Hadoop databases – the “Big Data”, such as MongoDB and Riak of Basho.

Seagate Instigates the Platform Commercially

After seeing and with a formal understanding of the benefits of moving intelligence in the direction of the storage media for Cloud applications, even Facebook has begun designing a similar model for their database. However, Seagate is the first to launch this technology through its Kinetic Storage Platform, but will not be the last for too long. We can undoubtedly expect other technology giants like Microsoft in the field to come forward with new ideas very soon.

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